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Aligned Nutrition Podcast

Dec 15, 2022

When your relationship with food becomes stressful, we start policing ourselves around food. You think things like: “I shouldn’t have eaten that” “Wait now, so I can eat more later” “Be careful” and many more negative thoughts! 


Where does mindfulness come in? The answer is: in many ways! 


If you’re interested in getting a bit more in tune and peace around eating, listen to this guest episode where I discuss mindfulness with Merrit Elizabeth.


Merrit is a Certified Eating Disorder Recovery Coach based in Dallas, Texas who specializes in anxiety and eating disorders. She earned a Master of Science in Health Promotion Management degree and holds a certification in eating disorder recovery coaching from The Carolyn Costin Institute. Merrit utilizes her own shared recovery experience to provide compassionate recovery care and empower her clients to a life of health and wellness. 


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