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Aligned Nutrition Podcast

Feb 23, 2021

Join me and intuitive eating coach and self-love advocate Victoria Evans as we cover: what self love actually means (as a skeptic myself the answer surprised me), how it fits with learning to eat intuitively, and hear how she overcame her own insecurities. 


Victoria has a wonderful story, passion for this work, and...

Feb 16, 2021

In this episode, I’m joined by my fiance Danny who graciously interviewed me and asks all the questions you want your partner to know. We are so thankful for those who support us and try to understand what we’re going through. Share this episode with someone special in your life - maybe a partner, family member, or...

Feb 9, 2021

We are joined by Katelyn Parsons, Intuitive Eating and Body Image Coach and we cover moving from the restrictive mentality into balancing foods with nourishment and pleasure. It’s impossible to talk about these topics without bumping into body image and we go into that, too!  


Find Katelyn, here:


Feb 2, 2021

Healing negative body image is part of a deeper process (a great thing to work through with a therapist in addition to a dietitian like me) but you can take some steps today to get to work on the surface level.