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Aligned Nutrition Podcast

Mar 16, 2021

A big misconception is that healing your relationship with food and managing a medical condition or nutrition therapy are incompatible. Join us as we discuss how they work together, modalities to consider, and how hormonal health and digestive healing aren’t limited to restrictive and rigid nutrition plans. This episode is full of nutrition knowledge and important insights, not one you’ll want to miss! 


Our guest Victoria Myers is the dietitian and owner of the virtual private practice and online education center Nourishing Minds Nutrition. Victoria and her staff specialize in empowering women to ditch diets, regulate hormones, heal digestion and learn to practice wellness without obsession. 


She can be found:



Nourishing Women Podcast 

Do you want to understand more about how having a positive relationship with food and seeking nutritional healing or care work together? A dietitian is a knowledgeable source of information, join Realign Community for expert nutrition coaching from Erica at