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Aligned Nutrition Podcast

Feb 19, 2023

Join me in this first solo episode of 2023 where I discuss food healing when you have the winter blues. This episode is for you if you've been feeling blah, in a rut, overcoming an illness, looking ahead to warmer days, stressed or run down. 


In this episode, I talk about: 


  • Staying inspired with eating when you have the winter blues 

  • Staying positive in your journey to a better relationship to food

  • Addressing crappy emotions and eating

  • Refreshing your interest in food (managing the task of eating) 

  • Keeping up on self care related to eating and body image  


Working with a nutrition professional can help because you can get specific guidance on your food relationship healing. 


Want help with healing your relationship with food? Inquire to work with me here: