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Aligned Nutrition Podcast

May 3, 2022

Join me and former Realign Community member Annemarie as she shares overcoming feeling shameful about eating sweets and her body. Beyond sharing practical ways she approached this, you’re not going to want to miss her inspiring and relatable story. 


If you find yourself stressed about carbohydrates and sweets in food healing, this episode is for you. As we discuss strategies and support for how to deal with carbohydrates and sweets in food healing.


In this episode, I specifically talk to Annemarie about:


When did eating become stressful for you and what was that like? 

How did eating other things than those in high school take you with your relationship with food?

Where were you getting messages that sweets were so bad?  

What did you try to change after learning more about carbohydrates and sweets?


Want professional help to learn to deal with carbohydrates and sweets in food healing in a way that feels aligned with what matters most to you in life? Inquire to work with me here: